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Yoga: Physiology, Psychosomatics, Bioenergetics

Yoga: Physiology, Psychosomatics, Bioenergetics

Andrey Safronov
Психо-практики в мистических традициях

Psycho-practices in Mystical Traditions from the Antiquity to the Present

Andrey Safronov

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Andrew Safronov

Yoga Sutra: Commentaries of a Modern Practitioner

Blog about yoga by Andrey Safronov


History of Yoga

history of yoga
"Yoga Sutra"

yoga lecrures

Interview and open lectures

social philosophy of yoga,
emotions, desire and sexuality in classical yoga,

асаны йоги


complexes for beginners,
asanas in detail
yoga sandhaana,
yoga for pregnant women
power complexes,